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Menace: Something Cries Out (BBC Thriller, Hannah Gordon)



Menace BBC Titles

Something Cries Out: Somebody is arranging evidence to prove that Harry Selter (John Carson) is a murderer. It could be any one of six people – or is there a seventh?

Cast: Hannah Gordon (Francesca), John Carson (Harry Selter), John Bailey (Dodimead), Ray Lonnen (Clint), Geoffrey Whitehead (Detective Sergeant Crown), Helen Lindsay (Marie-Jeanne), David Swift (Inspector Dundy), Guy Deghy (Schiff), Donald Hewlett (Robert Amro), Patricia Lawrence (Anna), Michael Guest (The Police Constable Driver), Aimee Delamain (Aunt Pippa)

Writer: John Wiles / Director: Gareth Davies

Airdate: 24 November 1970 on BBC One

Series: Menace Season 1 Episode 9