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Menace: The Elimination (S1EP12 BBC, Billy Murray)



Menace BBC Titles

The Elimination: When the strangers arrive without warning, the villagers are merely surprised – until they learn why they have come. The Colonel (Colin Gordon), one of the villagers photographed at the scene of a crime, wonders why the strangers are questioning everybody.

Cast: Derek Godfrey (X), Colin Gordon (The Colonel), Ronald Gough (Davis), Wilfrid Carter (Civil Servant), Billy Murray (Luke), Sally James (Jane), Anthony Sagar (Raincoat 1), Frederick Peisley (Clerk of the Council), Alan MacNaughtan (Benson), Paul Thompson (Peter), Marion Mathie (Mrs Brown), Johnny Briggs (Clerk A), Tara Soppet (Young Girl), Barry Ashton (Clerk B), Harold Bennett (Elderly Man), Nicholas Bennett (Clerk C), Jill Bridges (Middle-Aged Woman), Victor Brooks (Commissionaire 1), Sally Adams (Senior Secretary), Sheila Kennedy (Miss Andrews), John Shorter (Raincoat 2), Malcolm Rogers (Man 7)

Writer: John Gould / Director: Christopher Hodson

Airdate: 15 December 1970

Series: Menace Season 1 Episode 12