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Merry Textmas (Lifetime Sunday December 4, 2022)



Merry Textmas

Tonight Sunday December 4, 2022 the Lifetime Movie Merry Textmas premieres.

The last unmarried child in her extremely close-knit and conventional family, Austin, Texas native Gaby Diaz (Ariana Ron Pedrique) works as an app developer.

The Diaz family gets together every year at abuela’s house in Oaxaca, Mexico, a city known for its “12 Challenges of Christmas,” which jokingly incite the holiday spirit throughout the entire town.

The well-intentioned members of Gaby’s family decide to secretly invite the handsome graphic designer Alex Alvarado (Rodrigo Massa), who has forgotten his own Mexican roots, to spend Christmas with them in Oaxaca after she unintentionally adds him to the family group chat.

Can the Diaz family help Gaby and Alex realize that they are each other’s ideal Christmas present as they start to play matchmaker for Gaby and Alex?

With Ariana Ron Pedrique (Gaby Diaz), Rodrigo Massa (Alex Alvarado), Luisa Muriel (Abuela),

Written by Timothy Kuryak and directed by Alba Gil.

Airdate for the episode

Tonight, Sunday December 4, 2022, the episode airs at 8.00pm on Lifetime.


Featured Image Credit: Lifetime