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Midsomer Murders: Red in Tooth and Claw (ITV 18 Jan 2017, with Susan Hampshire)



Midsomer Murders Red in Tooth and Claw

In brand new Midsomer Murders episode Red in Tooth and Claw, which airs on Wednesday 18 January at 8.00pm, DCI Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) discover a dead body covered in live rabbits that reveals a sinister side to the local pet show.

Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker? Ailsa Benson (Sara Crowe) arrives early one morning at the Belville Hall Small Pet Show to set up her pet food stall, only to find local estate agent Seb Huntingdon dead, surrounded by escaped rabbits. At the crime scene Barnaby and Winter learn the victim died from a stab wound to the neck.

Hearing Ailsa Benson’s alibi, Barnaby and Winter next interview Seb’s distraught girlfriend Tegan Langton (Aisling Loftus) and her boss and pet show patron, the stately Delphi Hartley (Susan Hampshire). Finding no reason anyone would want to harm Seb or sabotage the show, they leave Tegan to be comforted by best friend Shray Varma (Amit Shah).

The police later discover that Seb was trying to get Delphi to sell the Hall, but she was not interested. Thinking that the murderer might be a competitor sabotaging the show, Barnaby and Winter next visit Best in Show defending champion Timothy Benson (Steve Pemberton), whose alibi unwittingly throws suspicion back onto his estranged wife Ailsa. Meanwhile, in a secret room, an unknown figure strokes the sleeve of a luxury fur coat.

Season 19 Episode 4 – Midsomer Murders: Red in Tooth and Claw airs on Wednesday 18 January 2017 from 8.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.



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