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Midsomer Murders: The Sleeper Under The Hill (ITV 1 21 Sep 2011, Tamzin Malleson)



Sleeper Under The Hill Midsomer Murders

In The Sleeper Under The Hill we say hello to new pathologist Kate Crawford (this means of course that with the departure of Barry Jackson who played pathologist Bullard that there no longer any original cast members left on the show).

The mystery begins when the body of farmer Alex Preston is found in the middle of a stone circle and suspicion immediately falls on a group of druids. Local policeman Sgt Gibson brings Jones up to speed with the case and reveals that the dead man had threatened to make Crowcall Circle inaccessible to the druids, who are led by Ezra Canning and Leticia Clifford.

The dead man’s widow Eleanor is nowhere to be found, but she returns later, claiming to have been staying with friends. However, her phone calls link her to fencing coach Aidan Hardy. Meanwhile, Evan Jago (Richard Leaf, pictured), a poacher and petty thief, attacks Sgt Gibson and disappears after a charity box is stolen from the village pub.

production details
UK | ITV 1 | 120 minutes | AIRDATE: Wednesday 21 September 2011 @ 8.00pm

Writer: David Lawrence | Director: Nick Laughland

Series: Midsomer Murders Season 14 Episode 5

Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby
Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones
Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby
Tamzin Malleson as Kate Wilding
Lee Ross as Sgt Trevor Gibson
Richard Leaf as Evan Jago
Susan Brown as Leticia Clifford
Alan Williams as Ezra Canning
Robert Pugh as Caradoc Singer
Claudia Harrison as Eleanor Preston
Noah Huntley as Aidan Hardy
Justin Shevlin as Alex Preston
Colin Tarrant as Eric