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Midsomer Murders: The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy (S22EP1 ITV Sun 4 Apr 2021)



The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy: After a local photographer wins an urban myth competition with his creation of The Wolf Hunter, it unexpectedly gains a cult following. However, when a man is killed, Barnaby and Winter must investigate if this myth has become murderous reality.

There is a full moon over Little Worthy this Halloween and the area is buzzing with activity following the chance popularity of Little Worthy’s very own meme.

The Hub, an internet café run by the maternal MEL, recently ran a competition to create a modern urban myth which was won by struggling photographer STEVE, with his creation of the Wolf Hunter.

Unexpectedly, the Wolf Hunter gained a cult following, becoming a viral meme, with people coming from miles around to explore Little Worthy woods in the hope of catching a glimpse
of the beast.

Cast List
DCI John Barnaby – Neil Dudgeon
Ds Jamie Winter – Nick Hendrix
Sarah Barnaby – Fiona Dolman
Fleur Perkins – Annette Badland
Pat Everett – Mark Williams
Ronnie Everett – Siobhan Redmond
Rowan Yarrow -Maimie McCoy
Brendan Yarrow – Ferdinand Kingsley
Mel Wallace – Sinead Matthews
Annie Davids – Louise Jameson
Eric Gladberry – Brian Bovell
Steve Skelton – Matt McCooey
Josie Skelton – Molly Harris
Kelly Kirk-Lees – Poppy Gilbert
Wade Andow – Kadell Herida
Jez Gladberry – Glen Boateng

Airdate: Sun 4 Apr 2021 at 20:00 on ITV

Season 22 Episode 1

Based originally on the books by Caroline Graham, each self-contained episode of two hours is a classic whodunit revolving around Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his partner, and their efforts to solve the numerous gruesome murders which take place in the picturesque countryside of Midsomer County.