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Miriam & Alan: Lost in Scotland Episode 2 (S1EP2 ABC TV Thurs 27 Jan 2022)



Miriam Margolyes & Alan Cumming continue their adventure. Alan reveals he’s on the hunt for a home to retire to; they record a song in the Gaelic language; take part in the Glencoe uphill mountain race & meet a pagan witch.

Alan and Miriam head to the remote village of Ullapool, as Alan reveals he’s on the hunt for a home to retire in as a showbiz recluse. If not for one problem – midges. With net hat and gloves at the ready, our celebrity couple split up as Alan does a spot of house hunting from Loch Broom, whilst Miriam meets an ethnobotanist, to create a midge repellent for Alan.

Onwards, the pair travel to meet a Gaelic musician Griogair Labhruidh (‘Grigar Lowry’), in a bid to fulfil Alan’s dream to record a song in the local language. Whilst he wraps his tongue around the lyrics, Miriam does percussion – chasing the resident goats for the ‘sounds of nature’.

When Miriam confesses she has her own bucket list item – to go up a mountain –the pair take on the mighty Glencoe in a novel race to the top. They also meet Susan, a Pagan witch who involves them in an ancient healing ritual and night-time fire ceremony as her masked friends gather.

After a detour to the “wobbly bridge” to pay homage to Alan’s maverick granny, the pair return to Ardgour for the world premiere performance of their Gaelic track to the locals.

Production credits: Blink Films

Airdate: Thursday 27 January 2022 at 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 2