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Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate Premieres Monday 10 October on Channel 10



The 10 Network has announced the air date for Todd Sampson’s upcoming documentary special Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate.

Did you know that the typical Australian stares at their phone for 17 years of their life?

Without a doubt, the most potent and mentally distorting thing in existence is the internet.

There is no denying that the internet is altering the way we communicate, how we love and hate, but what effect will this have on us in the long run?

Join Todd Sampson over two nights as he investigates how the internet is transforming us and what we can do about it.

The question is whether we are already too late? This breathtaking documentary should not be missed.

Created and written by Todd Sampson, Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate is a Baltimore Films production for Network 10.

Airdate: Monday 10 October and Tuesday 11 October 2022 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.