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Mitch: Business as Usual (S1EP3 ITV 14 Sep 1984, David Calder)



Business as Usual: After the shooting and death of a local married police inspector while attending a raid at a jewellery shop, the town becomes invaded by reporters who are all trying to report on the police’s efforts to catch the killer.

Regular Cast: John Thaw (Tom Mitchell aka Mitch), Clare Higgins (Jo), David Calder (Ben Hall)

Guest Cast:
Gawn Grainger (Jerry Nicholson), Philippa Urquhart (Susan), Eileen Nicholas (Joyce Barlow), Peter Childs, Colum Gallivan, David Howe, Glyn Grain, Trevor Martin, Diana Beevers, Dilys Price, Paul Arlington, Peta Bernard, Valerie Bell, Tony Mathews, Terence Sewards, Johnny Dennis, Dimitri Andreas, Roy Heather, Deirdre Costello, James Marcus, Michael Godley, Paul Hegarty, John Golightly, Gareth Armstrong

Writer: Roger Marshall / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 14 Sep 1984 on ITV

Series: Mitch Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: 10 part crime drama series detailing the cases of a Fleet street crime reporter.