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Mitch: Postman’s Knock (S1EP7 ITV 12 Oct 1984, Benedict Taylor)



Postman’s Knock: A team of security guards taking staff wages into a hospital, are attacked by four armed criminals.

Regular Cast: John Thaw (Tom Mitchell aka Mitch), Clare Higgins (Jo), David Calder (Ben Hall)

Guest Cast:
Gawn Grainger (Jerry Nicholson), Eileen Nicholas (Joyce Barlow), Benedict Taylor, Valentino Musetti, Martin Rutledge, Ray Armstrong, Desmond Cullum- Jones, Richard Evans, Emma Shaw, Clive Johnstone, Laurin Kaski, David Fielder, Guy Standeven, Richard Kay, Bunny May, Fanny Carby, Mitzi Rogers, Paul Freeman, Clive Carter, Michael N. Harbour, Tom Chadbon, James Beckett, Philip Anthony, Jean Doughty

Writer: Roger Marshall / Director: Terry Green

Airdate: 12 Oct 1984 on ITV

Series: Mitch Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: 10 part crime drama series detailing the cases of a Fleet street crime reporter.