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Mitch: Sleeping Dogs (S1EP2 ITV 7 Sep 1984, Clare Higgins)



Sleeping Dogs: Following a possible lead, Mitch ends up in a deserted area in the grounds of Luton Airport. When he sees a coffin being unloaded from an unscheduled flight from Warsaw, he decides to follow the hearse and try to find out the reason why the identity of the deceased is being kept so secret.

Regular Cast: John Thaw (Tom Mitchell aka Mitch), Clare Higgins (Jo), David Calder (Ben Hall)

Guest Cast:
Gawn Grainger (Jerry Nicholson), Marjorie Yates, John Hartley, Douglas Milvain, Roger Hammond, John Breslin, Frank Duncan, Geoffrey Beevers, Paul Haley, Ian Flintoff, Jeremy Gittins, Rosie Kerslake, Patricia Perry, Alan Gill

Writer: Jeremy Burnham / Director: Peter Cregeen

Airdate: 7 Sep 1984 on ITV

Series: Mitch Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: 10 part crime drama series detailing the cases of a Fleet street crime reporter.