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Mitch: Who Must Remain Anonymous (S1EP4 ITV 21 Sep 1984, Gawn Grainger)



Who Must Remain Anonymous: An article by Mitch, which describes the lives of scared elderly locals who are being intimidated by mostly black young thugs, causes the local black community to complain of being blamed unfairly, and also upsets the police who feel that the article suggests that they are losing control of the area.

Regular Cast: John Thaw (Tom Mitchell aka Mitch), Clare Higgins (Jo), David Calder (Ben Hall)

Guest Cast:
Gawn Grainger (Jerry Nicholson), Elizabeth Adare, Jon Croft, Honora Burke, John Boswall, Forbes Collins, Sarah Webb, David Rhule, Sandra Fehr, Rosie Kerslake, Robert Sutherland, Patsy Smart, Frank Ellis, Niall Toibin, John Salpeas, Rosalind Adler, Trevor Butler, Alan Brown, Eric Richard, Joy Lemoine, Andrew Greenhalgh, Sebastian Abineri, Milton Cadman, Lloyd Anderson, Angela Wynter, Brigid Mackay, Earl Rhodes, Tariq Yunus

Writer: Roger Marshall / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 21 Sep 1984 on ITV

Series: Mitch Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: 10 part crime drama series detailing the cases of a Fleet street crime reporter.