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Modern Marvels: The Future of Food (S20EP6 History Sun 28 Mar 2021)



The Future of Food: Adam Richman travels through time to uncover: the Future of Food! With special security clearance to a U.S. Army lab we get a glimpse into the cutting-edge food research that’s taking a quantum leap into the future. At Impossible Foods, we make a delicious discovery and learn why it’s not impossible for plants to look, taste and even bleed like meat. Plus, science fiction becomes fact when we see food grilled and served by robots, food made to last for years, and food made to be eaten in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The future of food is here and it’s tasty!

Airdate: Sun 28 Mar 2021 at 10.00pm on History

Season 20 Episode 6

In Modern Marvels, Adam Richman travels the country to behemoth factory lines and locally owned shops going behind-the-scenes of iconic brands and giving an inside look into how our favorite foods such as cookies, cheese and ice cream are made.