Mom: A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin’ Onion (CBS 16 Nov 2017, with Michael Angarano)


A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin’ Onion: Christy discovers she and her younger classmate, Cooper (Michael Angarano), make a good team both in and out of the classroom, and Bonnie steps up when a newly sober Natasha (Missi Pyle) fears she can’t handle motherhood.

Anna Faris (Christy)
Allison Janney (Bonnie)
Mimi Kennedy (Marjorie)
Jaime Pressly (Jill)
Beth Hall (Wendy)
William Fichtner (Adam)

Missi Pyle (Natasha)
Michael Angarano (Cooper)
Julia Lester (Emily)
Beth Littleford (Lorraine)
Joshua Banday (Boone)
Briana Cuoco (Tabitha)

STORY BY: Susan McMartin and Anne Flett Giordano
TELEPLAY BY: Nick Bakay, Sheldon Bull and Britté Anchor
DIRECTED BY: James Widdoes

Series: Mom Season 5 Episode 3
Air Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Time Slot: 9:01 PM-9:30 PM EST on CBS

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