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Monty Don’s American Gardens Free To Air Series Premiere Fri 28 Jan on ABC TV



Monty Don visits some of the most famous and interesting gardens in America. This episode Monty visits the east; from Missouri to Chicago, then across to New York and Philadelphia.

Monty Don O.B.E. is the UK’s leading garden writer and broadcaster. He has been making television programs for over thirty years on a range of topics, spanning travel, craft, outdoor living and, principally, gardening.

What is an American garden? Is there such a thing and if so, what does it look like? In this three- part series, Monty visits community gardens in New York and historical gardens in the South before exploring the Arizona desert and vast West Coast.

Ep 1 – The East: In this first episode Monty begins his journey in a prairie, the original American flowering wilderness. Much of the prairie has disappeared but he meets a couple who have revived the tradition and enjoy showing it to him in full bloom.

In New York he explores vegetables being grown on the city’s rooftops, he rolls up his sleeves to help an enthusiastic community in the Bronx plant up their allotment and he learns about the history of America’s most famous public green space, Central Park.

He also travels to the garden city of America, Philadelphia where he visits one of the country’s most famous gardens and enjoys a modern version of a prairie garden.

As he travels across the country, he learns about the history and culture of American people and their gardens and marvels at the enthusiasm and energy that makes the country so special.

Production credits: An AHA Production.

Airdate: Friday 28 January 2022 at 7.30pm on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 1