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Moody And Pegg: He – The Go Between (ITV 26 Aug 1974)



Moody and Pegg

In He – The Go Between married minister Mr Shelby-Gibbs who lives in one of the flats upstairs is planning a little tete-a-tete with his secretary only for his wife to return home unexpectedly early – meanwhile his wife has ulterior motives of her own and is planning an assignation with her own lover. Cue a whole series of hiding in wardrobes, sneaking out onto balconies and calling on Daphne and Roland to get them out of their predicament.

This episode suffers greatly from not actually featuring Daphne or Roland very much at all but it does pick up in the final third when it’s farcical origins are given full reign. A couple of nice guest appearances though from Terence Alexander and Carol Hawkins. The best scene though is one between Hawkins and Judy Cornwell with Hawkins (having been soaked by a downpour out on the balcony) puts on one of Daphne’s dresses and Daphne in something of a state of shock at how good it looks asks “is that my dress, it’s never looked like that on me”.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Thames

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | AIRDATE: 26 August 1974

WRITERS: Donald Churchill, Julia Jones | DIRECTOR: Jonathan Alwyn

Series: Moody and Pegg Season One Episode Five

JUDY CORNWELL as Daphne Pegg
DEREK WARING as Roland Moody
TERENCE ALEXANDER as Jeremy Shelby-Gibbs
GWEN CHERRELL as Muriel Shelby-Gibbs
ROBERT EAST as Michael Sharpley-Banks
CAROL HAWKINS as Sandra Pearson
JOHN DAWSON as Man At Telephone Box