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Moonshiners: Master Distiller Firehouse Flameout (Discovery Channel Wednesday December 7)



Moonshiners: Master Distiller

Today Wednesday December 7, the show Moonshiners: Master Distiller airs a new episode called Firehouse Flameout.

Three highly decorated firefighters face off to run their best off-duty recipes. Veteran firefighters Tim and Mark sample the product and pay homage to the long-standing relationship between the moonshine and firefighting brotherhoods with Digger.


Wednesday December 7 at 21:00 on Discovery Channel

Season 4 Episode 6

Three competitors faceoff in a series of challenges focused on making a specific type of spirit, including American whiskey, rum, gin, mountain brandy, and mezcal among others. Beyond the necessary amount of skill required to complete the challenges, these competitors will need to prove their knowledge of the craft and demonstrate profound creativity as they convert raw local ingredients into authentic, handcrafted spirits that will impress the most seasoned of distilling experts. The champion of each episode will receive a limited release of their winning recipe through Sugarlands Distilling Co.

Featured image credit: Discovery Channel