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More Power: Lights & Lasers (S1EP3 History Wed July 6, 2022)



Lights & Lasers: Tim and Richard travel to see industrial-strength lasers chopping up slabs of steel as the team tries to thwart a security grid built in the style of “Mission Impossible”; April cooks an egg with a super powerful flashlight.

Airdate: Wed July 6, 2022 at 22:03 on History

Season 1 Episode 3

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back in the shop to continue their quest for More Power. With the help of DIY Expert April Wilkerson, they’re putting all kinds of tools to the test. The trio will tackle one tool-centric theme per episode and celebrate the coolest, most powerful and iconic examples of each tool—testing their limits in a way that only Tim can. Along the way, they’ll open the doors to Tim’s workshop and invite some of the most skilled makers from around the country to show off their creations before then heading out on field trips to play with the biggest machines that keep our world working.