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Movin’ to the Country Season 2 Premiere (ABC TV Friday 8 July 2022)



Season 2 of Movin’ to the Country premieres this Friday night on ABC TV.

Every week, hosts Craig Quartermaine, Halina Baczkowski, and Kristy O’Brien travel to a new location to tell the tales of people trying to make a good living from their own little slice of paradise.

Episode 1 takes us to Victoria where Craig Quartermaine kicks things off in Orbost in a remarkable brewery run by a young couple who make revolutionary beer by linking up with local farmers, foragers and divers to source unique ingredients, under the wise guidance of Indigenous writer and teacher Bruce Pascoe.

Kristy O’Brien heads out onto the Great Ocean Road to visit a third-generation dairy farmer changing the game by reviving the multiple benefits of the era of glass bottles. Near Daylesford, Halina Baczkowski meets Buck and the community being created around the idea of sustainable, low-fi, ethical pig farming.

Production credit: Executive Producers: Cathie Schnitzerling and Rachel Robinson. Manager, Screen: Jo Chichester. Head- Screen, Sport and Events: Kath Earle.

Airdate: Friday 8 July 2022 at 7.30pm on ABC TV.