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Murder in Mind: Flashback (S2EP5 BBC One 23 Mar 2002, Nigel Havers, Art Malik)



In Flashback, successful barrister, Nicholas Chadwack, plots to kill Angela, his mistress, when she demands money to keep their affair secret. He successfully frames one of his clients with the murder (by planting forensic evidence at the murder scene), whom he then “defends” in court.

The story plays out in flashbacks which are presented in reverse chronological order – so we first see the trial, then the method of framing, then the murder, then the development of the motive.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 23 March 2002

Series: Murder in Mind Season 2 Episode 5

Writer: Anthony Horowitz, Stephen Leather / Producer: Paul Knight / Director: Ferdinand Fairfax

Nigel Havers as Nicholas Chadwick
Art Malik as Paul Asher
Susan Gilmore as Helen Chadwick
Patsy Kensit as Angela Stephenson
David Hemmings as James Hendon
Laura Rees as Rebecca Harvey
Jamie Foreman as Stuart Jackson
Lise Stevenson as Louise Jackson
Terry Burns as Duncan
Sakantula Ramanee as Doctor Alia Hussein
James Smith as Doctor Filbin
Christopher Adamson as Detective Stetford
Olivier Pierre as Judge Penrose
Paul Maddaford as Policeman 1
Andrew Beck as Policeman 2
Harry Eden as David Jackson