Murdoch Mysteries “Murdoch and the Sonic Boom” (Ovation TV Saturday March 25 2023)



Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries airs a new episode tonight Saturday March 25 2023 on Ovation TV.

“Murdoch and the Sonic Boom” Murdoch is caught up in an experiment gone wrong by Terrence Meyers just hours before a secret visit by President Taft.

With Yannick Bisson (Detective William Murdoch), Helene Joy (Dr. Julia Ogden), Jonny Harris (Constable George Crabtree), Lachlan Murdoch (Constable Henry Higgins), Thomas Craig (Inspector Thomas Charles Brackenreid),

Airdate: Saturday March 25 2023 at 7.00pm on Ovation TV.

Season 16 Episode 7

Featured Image Credit: Ovation TV

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