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Murphy’s Law: Electric Bill (S1EP2 BBC One 28 Apr 2003, Adrian Dunbar)



Murphy's Law: Electric Bill

Electric Bill: Richard Mooney, London’s most infamous kidnapper, is brought in, and the race is on for Annie and Murphy to get a confession in time to save the life of his latest victim, Kate Jennings. To crack Mooney’s silence, Murphy is set up as a suspected terrorist and goes under cover into Bellview Prison to befriend him. But when this master plan is unexpectedly threatened by the prison’s very own protection racket, time seems to be running out for Kate.

Regular Cast: James Nesbitt (Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy), Claudia Harrison (Annie Guthrie), Del Synnott (DC Alan Carter),

Guest Cast: Del Synnott, Adrian Dunbar, Ian McElhinney, Jonjo O’Neill, Stuart Dunne, Lynda Steadman, Peter Harkness, Cliff McClune, Terry John, Mhairi Steenbock, Julia Hills, Cathy White, Dennis Taylor, Dominic Letts, Kevin Dyer, Dorian McDonald, Lucy Brooks, John O’Mahony, Sam Hudson-Thomas, Alex MacLaren, Anna Taverner, Ruth Higham, Mark Carey, Ashley McGuire, Brendan Fleming.

Written by Colin Bateman; directed by Peter Lydon

Airdate: 28 Apr 2003 on BBC One

Series: Murphy’s Law Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Crime drama series following the cases of undercover cop Tommy Murphy.