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Murphy’s Law: Food Chain, Episode One (S5EP1 BBC One 1 Oct 2007, Christopher Fulford)



Food Chain, Episode One: Murphy is working as a cover officer for an old friend, Mitch, and his fellow undercover officer, Kim. However, there are tensions between the two undercover officers and when they go missing Murphy is determined to find them.

Regular Cast: James Nesbitt (Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy)

Guest Cast: Christopher Fulford (Mark Baker), Andrea Lowe (Detective Constable Kim Goodall), Tim Dantay (Detective Sergeant Mitch Kershaw), Sarah Ball (Carol Kershaw), Jessica Oyelowo (Detective Constable Jackie Cole), Ian Redford (Chief Superintendent Ken Bowry), Robbie Gee (Detective Chief Superintendent John Atwood), Tim Plester (Detective Constable ‘Wilco’ Simpson), Trevor Cooper (Clive Salter), Debbie Norman (Debbie Salter), Michael Klesic (Milos), Tom Fisher (Billy Driscoll), Bronson Webb (Liam Driscoll), Aidan Kelly (Abusive Farmer), Boris Cremene (Dusan), Mia Fernandez (Sanja), Aonghus Og McAnally (Roadblock Policeman), Louise Lewis (Mother In Doss House), Joe Hanley (Branko)

Written by Russell Lewis; directed by Colm McCarthy

Airdate: 1 Oct 2007 on BBC One

Series: Murphy’s Law Season 5 Episode 1

Show Info: Crime drama series following the cases of undercover cop Tommy Murphy.