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Murphy’s Law: Murphy’s Law (S1EP1 BBC One 24 Sep 2001, Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh)



Murphy’s Law: Murphy infiltrates a gang implicated in a series of diamond heists and finds himself out of his depth involving Japan’s equivalent of the mafia. Complicating the situation, Murphy finds himself attracted to Annie.

Regular Cast: James Nesbitt (Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy), Claudia Harrison (Annie Guthrie), Del Synnott (DC Alan Carter),

Guest Cast: Christian Burgess, Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh, Del Synnott, Kevin Doyle, David Shimwell, Matt Andrews, Carl McCrystal, Sally Rogers, Timothy Carlton, Pauline Munro, Anna Mountford, Kevin Molloy, Eamon Geoghegan, Stephen Boxer, Nicholas Harrison, Billy Hill, James Blissett, Ruairi Conaghan, Lincoln Hudson, Tony Pritchard, David Case, Ged McKenna, Richard Wills Cotton, Jamie Martin, John Kay Steel, Mark Benton

Written by Colin Bateman; directed by Peter Lydon

Airdate: 24 Sep 2001 on BBC One

Series: Murphy’s Law Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Crime drama series following the cases of undercover cop Tommy Murphy.