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Murphy’s Law: The Goodbye Look (S3EP1 BBC One 26 May 2005, Sarah Matravers)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Goodbye Look: Murphy is out posing as a criminal armourer to make an arrest. During the set-up he recognises Caz Miller, a man known for his connections to criminal gang leader and known cop-killer Dave Callard. Miller tells Murphy that he wants to kill another gang member called Richard Holloway. Murphy stops the planned arrest because he thinks he can gain Callard’s trust and infiltrate the entire criminal organisation to take everyone out.

Regular Cast: James Nesbitt (Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy), Michael Feast (Rees), Owen Teale (Detective Sergeant Paul Allison), Mark Womack (David Callard)

Guest Cast: Shaun Dooley (Ollington), Michael Fassbender (Miller), Jay Kilbey (Frankie), Georgia Mackenzie (Ellie Holloway), Sarah Matravers (Helen), Ramon Tikaram (Holloway), Gail Downey, Tim Major, Flora Montgomery, Brian Sonny Nickels, Steve Sweeney, Tim Woodward

Written by Allan Cubitt; script supervisor Tess Malone; directed by Brian Kirk

Airdate: 26 May 2005 on BBC One

Series: Murphy’s Law Season 3 Episode 1

Show Info: Crime drama series following the cases of undercover cop Tommy Murphy.