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My Life as a Rolling Stone: Keith Richards (S1EP2 Sat 2 July 2022)



Keith Richards has lived a life of legend and in this documentary he talks exclusively about his sixty year career as the lead guitar player in The Rolling Stones.

Richards’ brilliance as a songwriter and performer and defiant hedonism have made him a cultural hero to millions and has shaped the whole idea of what rock and roll means.

The film features vivid archive of Richards’ extraordinary career, a soundtrack full of his classic riffs and interviews with a stellar cast of musical idols.

Airdate: Sat 2 July 2022 at 21:30 on 

Season 1 Episode 2

Each episode will feature an intimate portrait of one of the band’s charismatic members (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and the late Charlie Watts), exploring different dimensions of their personalities, their musical brilliance, and their cultural impact. The series aims to reveal The Rolling Stones’ creativity, their inspirations, and how they individually and collectively have overcome adversity, notoriety, and personal demons to write the soundtrack of our times.