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My Life Is Murder: Lividity in Lycra (S1EP3 Acorn TV Mon 12 Aug 2019)



Lividity in Lycra: Cycling groups are the ultimate opportunity for networking and power broking. But when the CFO of a hospitality empire dies on his morning ride, Alexa must infiltrate the world of lycra and butt pads.

Lucy Lawless from Xena, Parks and Recreation, Spartacus, The Code, among many others, is back in action as a fearless and unapologetic private investigator in this thrilling new 10-part, mystery series. Ex-homicide detective Alexa Crowe’s unique skills and insights into the darker quirks of human nature allow her to provoke, comfort and push the right buttons as she unravels the truth behind the most baffling crimes.

As Alexa unmasks the hidden passions and dangerous secrets lurking in the energetic, ever-changing city of Melbourne, she is ably assisted by ambitious twenty-something Madison Feliciano (Ebony Vagulans, The Heart Guy) – who is not so quietly learning from the best – and her former boss, Detective Inspector Keiran Hussy (Bernard Curry, Home and Away, Wentworth), who enlists Alexa on his trickiest cases. (New episodes on consecutive Mondays)

Airdate: Monday 12 August 2019 on Acorn TV.

Season 1, Episode 3