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My Million Pound Menu: Sustainable (BBC Two Saturday 2 December 2023)



My Million Pound Menu

My Million Pound Menu: Sustainable airs Saturday 2 December 2023 on BBC Two.

What is this episode about

Each of the three competing restaurant concepts, which Fred Sirieix is presiding over, believes that its unique spin on sustainable eating will win them the opportunity to open a high-end establishment on the high street and attract substantial investment.

In order to launch their Manchester location, they must first win over four of the most prominent investors in the sector. Every idea is given a two-day trial to prove their worth. The one with the most investment potential gets the longest. But the idea will only go to Manchester with the most enthusiastic backers.

Friends Abi Glencross (27 years old) and Sadhbh Moore (28 years old) are among those vying for £300,000 to launch Sustainable Food Story, a vegetarian cafe-cum-barge. Besides being the first person in the United Kingdom to cultivate meat in a lab, stuntwoman Abi is also a scientist, grain farmer, and professional. In her upbringing, Sadhbh grew and foraged for a lot of the food she consumed on an eco-farm in Ireland. Roasted beetroot, goats cheese, chard and thyme tart on heritage grain pastry is one of the dishes they plan to serve at their first barge restaurant, which they plan to launch in July 2017.


Skaus, a hyper-seasonal concept inspired by the Nordic countries, is also being pitched by friends Dan Cameron (26 years old) and Josh Lundon (26 years old) of Liverpool. Their requested amount is £210,000. Traditional dishes like Scouse, a type of stew made with slow-braised beef, pickled beets, and brown butter, are influenced by Nordic cuisine and the city’s ties to Scandinavia. From their April 2017 pop-up events, they have gone on to host numerous highly successful residencies across the city. Skaus is now being pushed to have its own permanent location.

Lastly, traditional plant-based cuisines of the eastern Mediterranean and Indo-Persia. For Devi’s, 31-year-old Tanya Gohil is aiming for £1 million. The term “Devi” originates from the Indian word for goddess, and Tanya uses it to honour the women in her family who she refers to as “the queens of the kitchen” in her concept. From January 2015 onwards, Devi’s has been running a popular weekend stand at Maltby Street Market, popping up restaurants all over London, and even Devi’s Dining supper clubs in Hackney. The menu features dishes such as peshawari cauliflower qorma, sultanas, fried shallot, coconut, and preserved lemon grains. At this point, she needs £1 million to open a permanent location in the heart of London.

A group of four investors, each eager to support the next sustainable restaurant trend, hear all three proposals. Investing in high-growth leisure and hospitality companies is Darrel Connell’s speciality at Imbiba, where he is a partner. Over the course of five years, Imbiba usually invests one to ten million pounds in restaurants and bars with the potential to expand to other locations. More than 100 companies across the UK have received their more than £60 million in investments so far.

With a coffee roastery and five restaurants in London, Caravan Restaurants and Coffee Roasters is run by Laura Harper-Hinton, who is also its creative director and chief executive officer. The company earns fifteen million pounds a year. Recently, Laura became a member of the Hospitality UK Mentor Initiative, which aims to increase the number of women in leadership roles in the hospitality industry. She is deeply committed to empowering the youth of today and tomorrow.


An entrepreneur from Sweden now residing in London, Maria Tamander, has just acquired and renovated the gastro-pub-hotel The Cleveland Arms in the city’s west end. She is now planning to grow her food empire with the help of wealthy investors.

Angel investor and lawyer Shruti Ajitsaria oversees a group of personal investments. As part of their investment strategy, Shruti and her husband regularly host pitch sessions where start-ups from different industries can showcase their ideas. She was an early backer of Vagabond wines and JKS restaurants (in which she has since pulled her investment).

Each episode features a new 50-seater restaurant in the middle of Manchester’s lively pub and restaurant district. The winning idea gets two days to showcase their menu items, pricing, service, team management and business plans in an effort to justify the substantial investment they’re asking for.

Before being interrogated thoroughly about their financials and business strategies the following morning, they open for a half-price soft launch the first night to the general public and investors.


At last, they open for full-priced lunch service, giving the investors time to think about investing. Since the investors are competing with one another, Fred will give them a deadline to return to the restaurant by which they must decide whether to invest or not.

The last service has concluded, and now the operators, joined by Fred, will anxiously await the return of any passengers. Their company fortunes and restaurant dreams will be changed forever the moment one investor walks through the door and makes an offer.

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When can we see the episode

My Million Pound Menu: Sustainable airs Saturday 2 December 2023 at 12:00pm on BBC Two


Featured Image Credit: BBC Two

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