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NBC Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday November 27, 2022 NBC)



NBC Sunday Night Football

Today Sunday November 27, 2022 the show NBC Sunday Night Football airs an episode called Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles on NBC.

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles

To play the Eagles, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers travel to the City of Brotherly Love. Following a 30-16 victory over Philadelphia in 2020, Rodgers is 5-2 against them. Against the Eagles, the 38-year-old has thrown 15 touchdown passes and three interceptions.

Airdate and Episode Count

Sunday November 27, 2022 at 20:20 on NBC

Season 2022 Episode 14

Show Info

NBC Sunday Night Football is a weekly television broadcast of National Football League (NFL) games on NBC in the United States. It began airing on August 6, 2006 with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, which opened that year’s preseason. NBC took over the rights to the Sunday prime time game telecasts from ESPN, which carried the broadcasts from 1987 to 2005 (concurrently with NBC assuming the rights to Sunday evening regular-season games).

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