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The Nearly Man: Opportunity – March, 1975 (ITV 4 Nov 1975, with Ian McCulloch)



In Opportunity, the first episode of the series proper after the ITV Playhouse production, Christopher Collinson (as he has been re-surnamed) is in something of a funk. He feels his political career is all but over and his home life is in the doldrums. Christopher’s colleague Peter Richards asks him to join a group that seems keen to bring about a change in the party leadership.

When his youngest son Andrew is killed in a motorcycle accident Christopher and the family are distraught naturally but it does provide Christopher with the impetus to realise time is running out. He still wants power even after all his years of trying.

Christopher’s wife Alice is a book editor and is close friends with author Brian Griffin.

Marc Harrison who plays young Andrew is best known for his starring role in teen cult classic ITV series Sky. That also aired in 1975. The excellent Ian McCulloch, who has strong role in this series as fellow politico Peter Richards, had already scored the role he is best known for this year – Greg Preston in BBC’s post apocalyptic drama Survivors.

The Nearly Man Opportunity

John Leyton plays writer Brian Griffin, a close friend of both Alice’s and Christopher’s.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 4 November 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Arthur Hopcraft / Production Design: Michael Grimes, Chris Wilkinson / Director: John Irvin

Series: The Nearly Man Episode 1

Tony Britton as Christopher Collinson
Ann Firbank as Alice Collinson
David Wilkinson as David Collinson
Marc Harrison as Andrew Collinson
Wilfred Pickles as Bernard King
John Leyton as Brian Griffin
Ian McCulloch as Peter Richards
John Garvin as Clem
Brian Hawksley as Doctor
Betty Baskcomb as Woman
Mike Hayward as Policewoman
Josephine Woodward as Mary
Don Hawkins as Van driver