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The Nearly Man: Re-shuffle – June 1975 (ITV 25 Nov 1975, with Robert Urquhart)



The Nearly Man Re-shuffle

In Re-shuffle things are gearing up for a Cabinet shake-up, one that will decide Christopher’s future once and for all. First though Peter Richards has to convince the other members of the group that Collinson is not taking them for granted.

Ann has set herself up very nicely in a cottage in the country, her son David is staying for the weekend. Brian Griffin and his two children are also spending a few days with Anne. The cottage is near a canal and Brian has a narrowboat which

Meanwhile Rob Hibbert and his wife Dorothy are at loggerheads over Christopher’s relationship with Millie. Dorothy thinks Ron is desperate to use the information to cause trouble for Collinson. Despite working as Christopher’s agent in his constituency Ron has developed a real dislike for Christopher who is the exact opposite of what Ron believes a Labour MP should be.

The Nearly Man Re-shuffle

Ian McCulloch’s Peter Richards has to convince the secret group that Christopher knows what he doing.

classic quote
“You have a rare carnal exuberance Millie, a talent for joy.”

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 25 November 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Arthur Hopcraft / Production Design: Christopher Wilkinson / Director: Alan Grint

Series: The Nearly Man Episode 4

Tony Britton as Christopher Collinson
Ann Firbank as Alice Collinson
David Wilkinson as David Collinson
Ian McCulloch as Peter Richards
John Leyton as Brian Griffin
William Watkins as Sam Griffin
Christopher Riley as Eric Griffin
Robert Urquhart as Tom Morton
Michael Elphick as Ron Hibbert
Gwen Taylor as Dorothy Hibbert
Philip Moore as Michael Hibbert
Katherine Fahy as Millie Dutton
Wilfred Pickles as Bernard King
Ian East as Maurice Wrigley
Steven Grives as Len
Graham Rigby as George
Pamela Manson as Beryl Gardiner
Paul Webster as Timothy
Josie Lane as Mrs King
Peter Ellis as Barman