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Netflix thriller The Stranger Arrives on SBS Next Week



Eight part 2020 Netflix thriller The Stranger will get a Free to Air premiere next week on SBS. It’s based on the novel by Harlan Coben and stars Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Hannah John-Kamen, Jennifer Saunders, Anthony Head and Stephen Rea.

Adam Price (Richard Armitage) seems to have a charmed existence. Two wonderful sons, a good career, and most of all, a watertight marriage to his soulmate, Corinne (Dervla Kirwan), a teacher at the local school.

One day, however, that all changes when a stranger approaches him in a bar and reveals a dark secret about his wife. As quickly as the stranger came, she is gone. As the stranger’s words eat away at him, Adam begins to investigate his wife and soon finds himself caught up in something far darker – and far bigger – than he initially realised.

Airdate: Wednesday 17 August 2022 at 9.25pm on SBS.