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Never Mind The Buzzcocks Premieres Tues 21 Sep on Sky Max



Never Mind The Buzzcocks Sky Max

I think Joni Mitchell sang it best (or perhaps Cinderella, if you’re of the Hair Metal persuasion): “Don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

“Never Mind the Buzzcocks was the comedy panel show that was just as anarchic and rebellious as its punk-inspired title would suggest. Amongst its panel show peers, it was the unruly schoolchild that stuck two fingers up to the teachers and skipped PE to eat sherbet Dip Dabs and listen to mix tapes.

And what’s more rock n’ roll than a comeback – Buzzcocks makes its triumphant return to Sky with all its classic hallmarks -; its infamous Intro Rounds, Identity Parades and Next Lines -; plus a host of new surprises too. Speaking of hosts, who better than the man, the legend, the monolith Greg Davies to oversee this cacophony of comedy ? Joined by Buzzcocks icon Noel Fielding and national treasure Daisy May Cooper as team captains and the stand up powerhouse Jamali Maddix as a series regular, it’s a veritable supergroup of sonic mirth that would headline an festival stage.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is going to be a smash hit on Sky – get a playlist ready because we’re heading back to the vinyl frontier.” – Phil Edgar Jones, Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment for Sky.

Airdate: Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 9.00pm on Sky Max.