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New Girl: Misery (Fox 21 Mar 2017, with Rob Reiner)



New Girl Misery

Megan Fox, Rob Reiner, Anna Maria Horsford and Nasim Pedrad Guest-Star in Misery.

Jess avoids her feelings for Nick by taking care of her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland. While attending a work party with Reagan, Nick panics that they really don’t know each other.

Meanwhile, Aly prepares to meet Winston’s mom (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) for the first time, as Winston admits he hasn’t told her they are cops.

Cast: Zooey Deschanel as Jess; Jake Johnson as Nick; Max Greenfield as Schmidt; Lamorne Morris as Winston; Hannah Simone as Cece

Guest Cast: Megan Fox as Reagan, Rob Reiner as Bob Day, Nasim Pedrad as Aly, Anna Maria Horsford as Charmaine, Peter Porte as Jack, Manuela Osmont as Cassie, Amber Coyle as Lucy

Series: New Girl Season 6 Episode 20
Airdate: Tuesday 21 March 2017 at 8.00pm on Fox