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New Scotland Yard: The Banker (ITV 24 June 1972)



In The Banker Kingdom and Ward investigate the shooting of a prominent Mayfair couturier. Lack of an obvious motive seems to be leading the pair down a dead end until a chance discovery at his salon puts the duo on the right path.

Quite a staid episode, the title refers to the fact that the victim was a money launderer for a gang of crooks. The fabulous Jacqueline Pearce makes an appearance as a model who is not all she appears to be and joy of joys the usually mild mannered and often downright creepy Milton Johns plays a supposedly tough guy villain who at one point even threatens Ward with retribution.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 24 June 1972 at 7.15pm

Writer: Don Houghton / Production Details: Roger Hall / Director: James Ormerod

New Scotland Yard Season One Episode Ten

John Woodvine as John Kingdom
John Carlisle as Ward
Milton Johns as Marty Lewis
Vernon Joyner as Damon Greville
Patricia English as Dorothy Martin
Rosina Stewart as Lady Frederick
Jacqueline Pearce as Leonie Peters
Peter Blythe as Det Sgt Gilson
Lillias Walker as Angela Tomlins
Hugh Latimer as George St Clare
Denise Buckley as Det Sgt Burrows
Ian Clegg as Hospital Orderly
Leslie Bryant as Tip-off man
Terry Walsh as Taxi driver
Nosher Powell as Willie Herod
Vlantino Musetti as Driver