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Nichols: Nichols (S1EP1 NBC 16 Sep 1971, John Beck)



Nichols: A retired soldier tired of guns returns to his family homestead in Arizona only to be forced to assume the position of local sheriff.

Regular Cast: James Garner (Sheriff Frank Nichols), Margot Kidder (Ruth), John Beck (Ketcham), Stuart Margolin (Mitch), Neva Patterson (Ma Ketcham),

Guest Cast: John Harding, Jessie Waynee (Scully Two), John Quade (Scully One), Florence Lake,

Writer: Frank Pierson / Director: Frank Pierson

Airdate: 16 Sep 1971 on NBC

Series: Nichols Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Period crime drama series. Stories of a small town Sheriff in 1915 who patrolled his beat on a motorcycle and was more interested in making money than being a sheriff. The series ran for 24 episodes on NBC from 16 Sep 1971 to 16 May 1972. Star James Garner followed this up with The Rockford Files.