Ningaloo Nyinggulu: Collisions – Premiere (ABC TV Tuesday 16 May 2023)



Ningaloo Nyinggulu

Ningaloo Nyinggulu: Collisions – Premiere airs Tuesday 16 May 2023 on ABC TV.

One of the last remaining unspoilt ecosystems on Earth is explored by renowned author Tim Winton. The indigenous people of the area give this treasure the name Nyinggulu. Ningaloo is what the rest of us call it.

Ningaloo is a region in Western Australia that includes three interconnected ecosystems: Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range, and Exmouth Gulf. It is located on the island’s southwestern tip, where the red desert meets the turquoise waters.

Ningaloo, a region that has sustained humans for over 40,000 years, is a biodiversity hotspot and safe haven for many species that are threatened with extinction.

This is the first in-depth documentary series about one of the world’s least-known wonders, and it’s written and narrated by one of Australia’s most beloved novelists.

In this breathtaking series, the usually reclusive Tim Winton opens up about his love for this World Heritage site, highlighting its role as a symbol of humankind’s perseverance and progress.

Tim travels throughout Ningaloo with its Traditional Owners, scientists, experts, and friends to learn about the area’s history and the powerful forces that have shaped it, as well as to discover the remarkable connections between the ecosystems and species that live there, to trace the human relationships and migratory routes that keep Ningaloo alive, and to gain perspective on the challenges that lie ahead.

The first episode “Collisions” delves into the history of Ningaloo and the role that the strong currents, rainfall, wind, and waves play in shaping it today.

Season 1 Episode 1

Ningaloo Nyinggulu: Collisions – Premiere airs Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 8.35pm on ABC TV

Featured Image Credit: ABC TV

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