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No, Honestly: Just Cause or Impediment (S1EP6 ITV 10 Nov 1974, John Alderton)



Just Cause or Impediment: Clara decides they should try various aspects of living together before they get married. Clara tries her hand at cooking except she ‘forgot to light the oven.’

Regular Cast: John Alderton (C. D.), Pauline Collins (Clara)

Guest Cast: This was a ‘two hander’ with no guest cast.

Writers: Terence Brady & Charlotte Bingham / Director: David Askey

Airdate: 10 Nov 1974 on ITV

Series: No, Honestly Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: Sitcom. Couple, C.D. Danby and Clara, take a nostalgic look back at the early days of their relationship. The series ran for one season of 13 episodes. It later returned with a new title, Yes, Honestly and a new cast.