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No, Honestly: Now We Are Married (S1EP7 ITV 17 Nov 1974, Peter Madden)



Now We Are Married: The Danbys try not to let anyone know that they are on their ‘thingy.’ So when they arrive at the hotel they try to convince everyone there that they have been married for years.

Regular Cast: John Alderton (C. D.), Pauline Collins (Clara)

Guest Cast: Peter Madden (Ticket Collector), Joy Stewart (Woman in the Train), Richard Mathews (Landlord), Anthony Roye (Man in the Hotel), John DeVaut (Waiter)

Writers: Terence Brady & Charlotte Bingham / Director: Bill Turner

Airdate: 17 Nov 1974 on ITV

Series: No, Honestly Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: Sitcom. Couple, C.D. Danby and Clara, take a nostalgic look back at the early days of their relationship. The series ran for one season of 13 episodes. It later returned with a new title, Yes, Honestly and a new cast.