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No Job for a Lady: Who Goes Home? (S1EP1 ITV 7 Feb 1990, Garfield Morgan)



Who Goes Home?: New Labour MP Jean Price tries to figure out the hectic Parliamentary schedule and to find an opposition “”sweetheart”” so she can go home for a birthday dinner with her husband.

Regular Cast: Penelope Keith (Jean Price), Garfield Morgan (Norman), Mark Kingston (Geoff), Paul Young (Ken Miller), Jonathan Dow (Tim), George Baker (Godfrey Eagan)

Guest Cast: Nigel Humphreys (Police Constable), Brogden Miller (Freddy), Sid Williams, Janette Legge

Writer: Alex Shearer / Director: John Howard Davies

Airdate: 7 Feb 1990 on ITV

Series: No Job for a Lady Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Sitcom. The exploits of Labour back bench MP Jean Price.