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Norwegian Drama State of Happiness BBC Four Season 2 Premiere Sat 20 August



Season 2 of Norwegian Drama State of Happiness gets a BBC Four Premiere on Saturday 20 August. In the series the Ocean Viking’s gas flare is lit the night before Christmas in 1969. The largest subsea oil basin has ever been discovered by Phillips. And a change is coming to everything.

In the first episode High Production Tempo; the alarm goes off at the Bravo platform, and Rein finds himself at the centre of events. Anna is tired of getting rejection letters.

Cast: Malene Wadel (Toril Torstensen), Pia Tjelta (Ingrid Nyman), Per Kjerstad (Fredrik Nyman), Bart Edwards (Jonathan Kay), Anne Regine Ellingsæter (Anna Hellevik), Paal Herman Ims (Christian Nyman)

In Norwegian and English.

Airdate: Saturday 20 August 2022 at 9.00pm on BBC Four.

Season 2 Episode 1