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Nova Jones Episode 2 airs Wed 29 Sep on CBeebies



Superstar Nova Jones crosses the cosmos in the Jefferson Spaceship, dropping stellar hits and playing to hordes of intergalactic fans, expertly managed by her kid sister, McLaren.

In episode two, Nova’s set to play for a planet where her electrifying songs are a problem: the Planet Of The Big Glasses Of Milk. The audience may break if they get too excited! Does Nova have what it takes to sing an emotional ballad?

Nova engages the services of Kid Songwriter, who needs to be sure that Nova is ready to write a ballad and to unlock her heart to ‘The Feels’.

Meanwhile, the Captain receives an unexpected invitation to the Officers’ Party from his former mentor and secret crush, Admiral Londo. Captain happily recalls the time she firmly patted him on his shoulder for a job well done. Captain must dress to impress at the party and uses Nova’s dressomatic to find the perfect outfit, featuring many medals and very wide epaulettes for optimum shoulder patting.

Airdate: Wednesday 29 September 2021 at 5.00pm on CBeebies.

Season 1 Episode 2