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Nova Jones: Friends Of Nova (Series Premiere CBeebies Wed 22 Sep 2021)



Nova Jones

Brand new comedy-adventure series Nova Jones orbits around an 18 year-old pop star and her 12 year-old sister and manager, as they go on a concert tour throughout the galaxy.

Singer Molly Rainford takes the title role as the trend-setting singing sensation and newcomer Grace Barkley is cast as McLaren, her younger, but more mature, sister.

With original music throughout, Nova Jones oozes talent and makes an impact with her out-of-this-world fashion in the quirky comedy. While Nova is playing sell-out gigs to her legions of fans all across the universe, it’s up to McLaren to organise her superstar big sister’s tour schedule, her many moods, and to untangle the various knotty situations that Nova gets them into!

This week, eco-minded McLaren prevents environmental disaster as unwanted gifts from Nova’s fans pollute a nearby planet, and welcomes talking plant Frances Frond aboard the Jefferson Spaceship to conduct an eco-inspection.

And pop sensation Nova learns the meaning of friendship from her dear pal… if she could only remember his name!

Airdate: Wednesday 22 September 2021 at 5.00pm on CBeebies.

Season 1 Episode 1