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Nova Jones: Green Eyed Nova (S1EP4 CBBC Wed 13 Oct 2021)



Nova Jones is top of the charts until Johnarchy and the Monarchy release their awesome new single. Jealous Nova becomes obsessive about the success of the rival song as it slowly creeps up the charts.

Nova is about to appear in a TV interview with showbiz journalist Bobbles Smithsonian, but unfortunately she’s asked all about her new chart rival and struggles to hide her green-eyed monster. When Johnarchy himself is revealed as a surprise guest, Nova tries hard to be nice but her green eyes keep on showing through.

Meanwhile, Sid acts out his dreams of piloting the Jefferson Spaceship, McLaren meets Johnarchy’s manager Malcolm who is a little too smug for her liking, and Nova resorts to desperate measures to hide her jealousy.

Airdate: Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 5.00pm on CBBC.

Season 1 Episode 4