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Nova Jones: Tantrum By Nova (S1EP3 CBBC Wed 6 Oct 2021)



Tantrum By Nova: Superstar Nova Jones announces to her fans that she’s launching a new perfume. The only trouble is, it hasn’t been made yet.

As always, it’s up to Nova’s sister McLaren to turn her attention to realising Nova’s latest obsession and create the aptly named fragrance: Tantrum by Nova – mainly to avoid a tantrum by Nova – and also to avoid disappointing her fans.

McLaren employs the services of top perfumier Professor Pong, who has a nose for a head and relies entirely on her sense of smell. She has a remarkable contraption, the pongometer, which films individuals and distils smells from what the interviewee is saying. But Nova is only interested in the look of her perfume advert and campaign.

Following a sisterly spat, McLaren quits her role as manager – but will easily distracted Sid be able to fill her shoes?

Airdate: Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 5.00pm on CBBC.

Season 1 Episode 3