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Number 10: Bloodline (S1EP7 ITV 27 Mar 1983, Jeremy Brett)



Bloodline: William Pitt the Younger struggles against his fate – familial lunacy – while trying to govern the country and court the beautiful Eleanor Eden.

Alfred Burke (First Earl of Chatham), Jeremy Brett (William Pitt The Younger), Keith Barron (Second Earl of Chatham), Patrick Newell (Lord North), Daniel Matthews (William Pitt, As A Boy), David Neal (Doctor Addington), Duncan Royce (Hiley Addington), Elaine Wells (Lady Chatham), William Ilkley (Mullion), William Simons (Parslow), Frances Bennett (Duchess of Gordon), Jeffry Wickham (Duke of Richmond), Charles Stapley (Lord Auckland), Ann Castle (Lady Auckland), Caroline Langrishe (Eleanor Eden), David Ryall (Charles Fox)

Writer: Terence Feely / Director: David Reynolds

Airdate: 27 Mar 1983 on ITV

Series: Number 10 Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: An anthology series about the private lives of seven British prime ministers who lived in Number 10 Downing Street between the 1780s and the 1920s