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Number 10: Dizzy (S1EP6 ITV 20 Mar 1983, Richard Pasco)



Dizzy: Disraeli, the master diplomat and favourite of Queen Victoria, at the age of seventy-three entertains beautiful and aristocratic sisters at Number 10.

Richard Pasco (Benjamin Disraeli), Ben Forster (Decorator), Alan Haines (Decorator), Nicholas Jones (Corry), James Grout (Mortimer), John Forbes- Robertson (Salisbury), Kevin Brennan (Derby), Donald Morley (Cross), Jerold Wells (Northcote), Zena Walker (Queen Victoria), Sheridan Fitzgerald (Princess Beatrice), Elizabeth Sellars (Lady Bradford), Evelyn Laye (Lady Chesterfield), Jeremy Wilkin (Fordham), Geoffrey Toone (Baron Rothschild), Georgina Cookson (Baroness Rothschild), Owen Holder (Doctor Kidd)

Writer: Terence Feely / Director: Alvin Rakoff

Airdate: 20 Mar 1983 on ITV

Series: Number 10 Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: An anthology series about the private lives of seven British prime ministers who lived in Number 10 Downing Street between the 1780s and the 1920s