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Number 10: The Iron Duke (S1EP4 ITV 6 Mar 1983, Bernard Archard)



The Iron Duke: Despite the Duke of Wellington’s enormous popularity, he incurred the nation’s wrath by appearing to sympathise with the Irish Catholics. His reputation was also damaged by rumours of his friendship with Harriet Arbuthnot.

Bernard Archard (Duke of Wellington), Gabrielle Drake (Harriet Arbuthnot), Philip Latham (Charles Arbuthnot), Derek Royle (Turnham), Stewart Harwood (Porter), Peter Clapham (Fellows), John Scott Martin (Maggs), Michael Barrington (William Huskisson), Peter Gale (Sir Robert Peel), Peter Harlowe (Lord Winchilsea), Elizabeth Wallace (Lady Jersey), Janie Atcheson (Lady Anne Blake), Rupert Copeman-Hill (James), Claudine Bowyer (Emily), Debra Langerman (Caroline), Gawn Grainger (Long-Wellesley), Arnold Peters (General Sir George Murray), Richard Kay (Sir Henry Hardinge), David King (George IV), Donald Nithsdale (Doctor Hume), Michael Syers (Lord Falmouth)

Writer: Terence Feely / Director: John Glenister

Airdate: 6 Mar 1983 on ITV

Series: Number 10 Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: An anthology series about the private lives of seven British prime ministers who lived in Number 10 Downing Street between the 1780s and the 1920s