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Oil Strike North: First Lion (S1EP4 BBC One 16 Sep 1975, Mike Pratt)



First Lion: Because of the high risks, North Sea divers can earn a great deal of money – but it’s money earned the hard way.

Regular Cast: Nigel Davenport (Fraser), Michael Whitney (Frank Ward), Angela Douglas (Julie Ward), Barbara Shelley (Elaine Smythe), Callum Mill (Angus Gallacher), Andrew Robertson (Donald Cameron), Angela Cheyne (Shona Campbell), Glyn Owen (Jack Mullery),

Guest Cast: Peter Godfrey, Mike Pratt, Peter Halliday, Richard Warwick, Alison Steadman, Terence Lodge, Richard Henry

Writer: Mervyn Haisman / Director: Michael Hayes

Airdate: 16 Sep 1975 on BBC One Two

Series: Oil Strike North Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: 13 part BBC drama series about the men and women working for international oil company Triumph Oil.