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Oil Strike North: Workhorse (S1EP9 BBC One 21 Oct 1975, Stuart McGugan)



Workhorse: The rig Nelson One has been without supplies for ten days and one of her anchors is dragging. Help is needed fast!

Regular Cast: Nigel Davenport (Fraser), Michael Whitney (Frank Ward), Angela Douglas (Julie Ward), Barbara Shelley (Elaine Smythe), Callum Mill (Angus Gallacher), Glyn Owen (Jack Mullery), Andrew Robertson (Donald Cameron), Angela Cheyne (Shona Campbell),

Guest Cast: Richard Hurndall, Stuart McGugan, Derek Crewe, Tom Veitch, Phil McCall, Barry Jackson, Paul Kermack, Joby Blanshard, Sean Lynch, Jean Anderson

Writer: Mervyn Haisman / Director: Michael Hayes

Airdate: 21 Oct 1975 on BBC One Two

Series: Oil Strike North Season 1 Episode 9

Show Info: 13 part BBC drama series about the men and women working for international oil company Triumph Oil.